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Great Old One Arrival

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Here is an honest introduction to the game. “Arrival” is not a diablo-like game, except for the camera perspective. Friends who helped us with the test were asking us at the first sight of the game, is this the type of game Diablo? Yes, we are all Diablo, especially the Diablo 2 fans, but when we develop “Arrival”, we are more focused on the sense of the battle. We also love the rich RPG features of Diablo, which are presented in a simpler, more straightforward way in “Arrival”. So if you’re a fan of a heavy RPG system, “Arrival” may not meet your expectations, it’s our fault. If you like real-time and muson battle, “Arrival” should be worth a try.


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Typ: ISO
Gruppe: PLAZA
Sprache:Deutsch Englisch