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Yohjo Simulator

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This is a little girl simulator. You control Yagi, a 3rd grade elementary school girl, and wander around town. There's no goal in this game. You need to decide the goal for yourself. It's the same as in life. This is an amazingly realistic simulator. Updates for the game will come every so often. Features: You are the little girl. Greet dangerous strangers with a polite bow. Use wall kicks to reach areas the developer never intended you to go. DEADFACTORY is operated by Shinda, a doujin game developer. Website: deadfactory.net Disclaimer: The buggy physics engine will cause both the little girl and the guys to flip out. Please be aware of this point. 64-bit Windows operating system compatible.


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Typ: ISO
Sprache:Deutsch Englisch
Größe:734 MB