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Susan Warfield is new to Los Angeles. Fortunately for her, she's just made a new friend, Nicole. Unfortunately Nicole doesn't have private medical insurance. You see, Nicole has a stomach ulcer which is causing her severe pain. When Susan rushes her to hospital, the doctors will not operate on her because of her insurance status. Susan has a brilliant idea - Nicole can borrow her medical card, pretend to be Susan, and have her operation immediately, whilst Susan goes on holiday's, pretending to be Nicole.. All is well, there's no way Susan could be caught cheating the system. Shockingly Nicole (whose pretending to be Susan) mysteriously dies after her operation. This means that Susan Warfield is, according to the government, dead.


Genre:ThrillerLänge:88 Minuten
Regie:Larry CohenDrehbuch: Larry Cohen mehr
Schauspieler: Crystal Bernard, Judge Reinhold, mehrTraci Lords, Carlos Carrasco, George Dickerson, Daniel McDonald, Scott Williamson, Jerry Bernard, Thomas Prisco, Daniel Shriver, Myrna Niles, Kathleen Marshall, Thomas W. Ashworth, Jack Forcinito, Ivonne Coll Links:IMDB
IMDB Wertung: 5,6 (360 Stimmen)
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